Book Direct Campaign

Posted by mxs on 18th June 2018

The B&B Owners Association exists for the benefit of its members and their guests. Booking either on members websites or on websites operated by the B&B Owners Association means guests are booking directly. Are you aware of the facts and why is this important?

  • Booking with online travel agents (OTA’s) incurs a commission of up to 20% for B&Bs
  • Commission means less revenue / profit for a family run business
  • Commission means less tourism revenue for regional development
  • These high rates of commission closed many a B&B during the recent recession
  • B&Bs are raising their rates to meet large OTA’s demands for commissions
  • Who are these online travel agents?
  • Are guests really getting the best room rates? Unlikely, just comapre the room rates for your region.
  • Booking direct allows a B&B to keep more of its profits to re-investment in their B&B and maintain the standards for guests.
  • Booking directly means your payment stays in your country and helps the regional economy rather than the profits of a multinational OTA.
  • As guests tuck into and enjoy your inclusive breakfast, remind them who deserves your hard earned cash.

Booking via B&B Owners websites means NO Commission for our members and just a small booking fee for our Associate Members.

Helping Guests Book Directly

Posted by mxs on 11th June 2018

When guests book via your website or the pay NO or little commission.

It does no harm to remind them of that fact.  Many guests don’t realise how much they are giving to the likes of and others.

I have designed a simple sign that you can print out and display in your reception area, perhaps next to your business cards.

You can download and print out the sign from here book-directly.pdf

Every little bit helps – good Luck

Michael – B&B Owners Association – email: support@bnbowners.comrea.




Another first for B&B Owners

Posted by mxs on 7th June 2018

Guests can now use the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Microsoft Pay to make a booking.
This allows them to make a booking without having to enter their credit card details, speeding up the process on their mobile phones. This provides our members with even more security.

This is the first stage in the development of our one-click booking system.




Reminder Bookings are Automatically Declined

Posted by mxs on 14th May 2018

I would like to remind all B&B Owners Association members that bookings are declined automatically if not confirmed by them within 3 days.
After 24 hours we start sending out reminder emails twice a day – that is five in total. Additionally, we have a facility to send a text to owners mobile phones – the dashboard is mobile phone friendly to allow you confirm bookings wherever you are –
In many cases, this is “commission free business” that is lost but more importantly, guests are not happy with our service and go elsewhere.

Bookings are coloured to show their status in your dashboard – and auto-declined booking are found in bookings >> history

  • Purple: Guest Cancelled the booking – this may be due to slow response by the B&B
  • Red: Bookings have been automatically cancelled after 3 days due to lack of response by the B&B
  • Green: Booking Confirmed – your calendar and booking engine are updated to show the rooms booked
  • Grey: Bookings declined by the B&B

Booking reference numbers starting with:-

  • BNB: Commission-free  bookings originating from a full members website (those paying annual membership fee only)
  • BAB: Bookings originating from ‘’ – these incur a €5 booking fee for full members and 7% for associate members
  • BXB: Bookings from 3rd parties, entered manually on your calendar and added to your arrival/departure sections (payment for these bookings cannot be taken with one click but guests card details can be added to the Stripe credit card terminal at no extra cost)

Need any help email

Using the STRIPE terminal on your smartphone

Posted by mxs on 3rd May 2018

We’ve had a few phone calls and emails asking how to use the STRIPE terminal on your smartphone –  so we’ve made it a little easier.

Just logon to on your phone and you can then carry out ANY credit card transactions on your phone.






Credit Cards and 3rd Party Bookings

Posted by mxs on 17th April 2018No Comments


we’ve has a few calls and emails about Credit Cards and the use of the Virtual Terminal in your dashboard – here are a few answers to questions asked by other B&B Owners

  • YES: You can use the virtual terminal to enter ANY card transaction – you can use it on your smartphone, in the same way, providing you with a terminal you can take anywhere there is a WiFi or phone signal.
  • NO: It costs nothing to sign up to STRIPE and there are no monthly charges for the use of the terminal just the normal processing charges.
  • YES: You can use it to take payment from guests that have not booked via your website
  • YES: Payment can be taken automatically with one or two clicks for any booking reference starting with BAB or BNB – click on the departing tab in the booking section to see the auto charge button next to each guest.

Here are a couple of tutorials to help.

Ireland B&B

Posted by mxs on 10th April 2018No Comments

Further to our launch of the new Book a B&B website, Irish Members will be pleased to know we have now given our Ireland B&B website a makeover too. It is now twice as fast, mobile-friendly and meets all Googles technical criteria.
Please help us promote the site by including it in your emails, FaceBook pages and any other social media.

Please check your entries in these two directories are correct and email if you need amendments or updates.

Michael – B&B Owners Association

B&B Owners Support
Tel: +353 (0) 647750494


Book a B&B – new high speed website

Posted by mxs on 29th March 2018No Comments

We are pleased to announce that the new Book a B&B website is up and running

This new website loads very quickly – typically 2-3 seconds from anywhere in the world

Designed to display equally as well on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs this website provides every member with a mobile booking facility.  Example:

The website meets the standards of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project – an initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile-optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

Check out your own entry by logging on to and entering your town or city

Help us make this the go-to website for B&Bs – add it to the bottom of your emails – remember the bookings you get from this website are either commission free or the lowest commission rates in the industry.

Another first from the B&B Owners Association


Associate Members Commission

Posted by mxs on 5th February 2018No Comments

Due to the increased cost of ensuring our servers are secure and safe for credit card transactions, the level of commission on bookings we charge our Associate Members will go up to 7% on the 12th of February.
We now meet the latest requirements of the Payments Card Industry (PCI) and our payments service provider ‘Stripe’.
Full Members are not affected by this change and will continue to receive commission-free and gross value bookings.

Our payments system has prevented over 300 attempts to pay fraudulently in the past year – one guest tried six different cards before they gave in trying to book. This protects our B&B Owners against fraud and ensures payment using our Virtual Terminal.

STRIPE Virtual Terminal

Posted by mxs on 18th November 2017No Comments

An event quietly passed this week nearly un-noticed.

B&B Owners Members in Ireland have now processed over One Million Euros through their Stripe Virtual Terminals and has trapped the fraudulent use credit cards over 100 times this year

Our decision to integrate the virtual terminal into the “My B&B Dashboard” has truly revolutionised the taking of payments for accommodation – No PCI requirement, one-click payment, and taking payment for “no shows” and you can even use it on your mobile phone.

It costs nothing to register for Stripe, takes just 2 mins – Just go to the Stripe Section of your dashboard for more info – if you don’t use it, it cost nothing but is there for emergencies such as “no shows” or guest leaving without payment.

Currently, B&B Owners Association members in the following countries can sign up for free.